Monday, March 3, 2008

New beginnings and old friends

The past weekend has been one of change in the little universe that revolves around Eve. Firstly, her godfather-to-be has left Hong Kong and moved to Australia to follow his heart and head. It is really sad to see him go, although nice to know that via Eve he will always be in our lives and supportive of her (he had organised a case of wine to be laid down by the time she was 1 week old). He is very much part of our little family, and now we have his lovely girlfriend to add as well.

I also found out that my friend, S, is pregnant and it was a delight to welcome her into what I consider to be a club that nobody tells you exists until you join and then it is lovely to be part of it, just as so many Mums have welcomed me.

Finally it was Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday for my Mum) in the UK - my first as a Mum. Thanks to my friend C and Facebook I remembered it, although Mum still beat me to my call with an SMS (my own mother being particularly quick on the draw when it comes to major events!). It wasn't Mother's Day in Hong Kong, so I don't consider it my first. However, the SMS I received from my oldest friend, B, to a wonderful mummy, was a reminder of my new status and the warmth of my friends.

Eve also turned 8 weeks on Saturday and will be entering her third month this week.

All change.

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