Wednesday, October 29, 2008

U turn? You turn if you want to, this lady's not for turning

Eve is now becoming quite proficient at walking. She can stumble unaided with a fair degree of balance 6 or 7 paces. She still has to concentrate really hard, and not get too excited and run (whereupon she falls on her bottom), but she is getting much better.

However, my darling daughter has not quite mastered the art of turning around. If she wants to go in a different direction her top half moves but her feet, sadly, remain stationary and so she topples over. She always looks a little disgruntled about this, not helped by her Mummy promptly laughing at her.

Postscript: apologies for the title of this post, but it did seem to rather fit the content

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Grande Poobah said...


have you seen zoolander? v funny, and resonates with an odd sort of way