Saturday, January 10, 2009

Word for the year

As per my friend C, I am going to adopt a word for the year. My word last year was "patience" and set me in pretty good stead considering what happened over the year. That said, the Boy had forgotten and rather unfairly said he wish he'd reminded me of it during my more hormonally induced moments over the year.

Anyway, my word has been a while coming to me this year, but I think I have one I am comfortable with.


I think, with the threat of redundancy and all manner of other life changing events likely to occur this year, it will serve me well.

By back up word is "happy", which I have also warmed to and only narrowly lost the race.

1 comment:

Grande Poobah said...

ooooooh nice!!! what great words

in honour of my word i today ordered a book called "On Kindess". seemed heaven sent.