Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update in 200 words or less

Apologies for all being quiet on the Yummy Mummy front. A combination of new job requiring full time in the office and a much needed two week holiday has meant lack of time and blogging has gone to the bottom of the list. So, in 200 words or less (yes, I will count) here is a quick update.

Job all good, loving it. Brain is working again and the people are great. Don't get to work from home (bummer) but also no longer have to travel at all (yey!). Rowing brilliant. Won the big race of the year, beating 3 crews of fully funded full time international level athletes in the process. Celebrated with me crew lots, danced most of the night, discovered the benefits of Cbeebies when you have a hangover - bad mummy. Eve good, speaking lots. Much like me and very opinionated. Potty training going like a cream with not much effort required, she seems to like going to the loo. Not quite at the stage where she asks in advance unless she is naked. Holiday great. Much fun in Sydney with the amazing aquarium and beaches (and the Hunter Valley wine festival for Mummy and Daddy). Then island with beaches, sun, a farm with escapologist pig, horses, goats etc. Met a 2m long carpet python on a run but after childbirth nothing scares me now. My parents have just arrived, Eve being spoilt rotten and loving ordering two more people around at her whim.

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