Friday, December 4, 2009

What not to wear #2, or "oh my god is that really me?"

After my cries for help, a good friend C took me in hand and off we went shopping. Considering my, ahem, curvy (big tits) figure we headed to Diane Von Fursternberg for one of her wrap dresses.

Shop 1 did not have what I wanted in anything other than tiny so the next day off we went to the other branch in HK where I experienced perhaps one of the most happy moments of my life Please prepare for extreme shallowness.

For a bit of background, having a baby screws up your body and, perhaps more importantly, your body image. I've always felt a bit of a fat girl after putting on far too much weight in my early 20s, but then Weight Watchers and exercise meant that pre-Eve I was a size I was generally happy with. Then I got pregnant. I felt fat and ugly and immobile and sick for much of the pregnancy. Then once I had Eve and became a mobile milk machine my image of myself got even worse. I am happy to admit I am relatively vain, but I defy anyone to make it through those two years and come out feeling sexier than when they went in.

I've not deliberately tried to lose weight since I had Eve, but I have worked really, really hard to get fit. The by-product of this is that I have got quite thin and quite toned and very fit (gold medal winning fit!). But I still have a hideous self-image and I loathe shopping for anything except shoes and handbags as a result.

So it was with some extreme joy and possible tears of happiness that I tried on a black clingy jersey dress in DVF that fit like a dream, make me look sexy and thin and gorgeous and stylish (in a way Mums rarely feel). The broad grin on C's face said it all. This was MY dress. I finally looked like someone I would walk down the street and turn to look at.

Then I bought the red one with long sleeves as well.

So, I am wearing the sexy black one for my birthday on Monday and the sexy red one for my MC duty. And I have finally, finally, admitted to myself that maybe I don't look too bad after all.

Since buying the dresses I found out that DVF supports a great charity that does some amazing work in empowering women.


London City Mum said...

Sweetheart you always look gorgeous, don't kid yourself or believe otherwise, EVER.

One of my favourite photos of all times is of you, me, Other Half and the Boy dressed up to the nines about to head out to the rowing club ball, taken in the living room of our previous house.

We all look stunning and to me you have only got better.


LottieP said...

Hooray! You looked amazing in that dress.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Picture? Dress sounds amazing. Am most jealous of your trim, fit, healthy body. Mines feeling a bit wobbly and decrepit.

Grande Poobah said...

am glad that maybe, just maybe, your body image is beginning to align with what the rest of the world sees i.e. a slim, trim, toned, gorgeous woman!!!!!

London City Mum said...

p.s. which email address are you using now then? Need to add you to reader list as paranoid bastard former employer causing me to take drastic (temporary) action with blog... On the funny side certain people have been trying to figure out who they were amidst the nicknames...