Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Once you have a child of your own you finally realise what your parents, and mothers in particular, do for their children. I have a few friends, mainly male and single but not exclusively so, who have a habit of complaining about their mothers. I don't know why, but some people don't ever quite grow out of the adolescent rebellion that finds them thinking their parents are dull, boring and never did anything for them. Now, however, I am a mother myself I know just how much of oneself and ones life you give up for your children.

Just carrying a child and feeding it and changing it takes some commitment. For many people this selfless (and sleepless) act would be sufficient martyrdom. Add to that the many other commitments and sacrifices parents make to ensure that their offspring are sufficiently healthy and balanced to face the world and it would take a good few reincarnations for any child to be able to show sufficient gratitude to their parents (and don't let me go there on what parts of my body have also suffered!).

It was Fraught Mummy who got me to thinking about what parents do for their children. In her case a bad back and frozen toes. In my case, my list is quite a long one already and will undeniably get longer. I hate to think how long my mother's list would be, I was an awful child!

So, to my own Mum, thank you. I know that doesn't cut it but I don't tell you enough.

And to anyone who dares ever even mutter a complaint about their mothers, take a step back and think hard - what has she done for you?


London City Mum said...

Personally my mum still drives me round the bend (part of that stemming from the fact that we are so alike... makes me think how others perceive me), but I also believe she is the most deserving of any medal/recognition/flowers/gifts going if for no other fact than she is always there for me, every time.

And for that I cannot love her enough.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I'm loving the suggestion that I got from that post - to save it all up for when your children have kids, and then sit back and enjoy the mayhem...

You are right though, we don't appreciate our parents nearly enough - it is only now that I really know what they did for us.

Mummy said...

I too am like my mother, and secretly quite proud of the fact.

FM - I feel some sort of blog chain of Mummy appreciation coming on here. As you are the most connected Mummy Blogger I know, should we start a chain of people writing what they are grateful for? I can kick it off but then maybe you can take it up?

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Will do! It is a great idea.