Saturday, March 12, 2011


There's been a bit of a gap since my last post. There are lots of inane reasons I could blame. The computer broke and I can't log on from work. I've been super busy with a promotion and exams and so managing the work-life balance has meant not much time for other things. As Eve grows up things change less quickly, I get better at managing the challenges and need to write about them less (I still read all the other blogs regularly though).

However, the real reason is that I've been having a tough few months. My beloved Dad died just before Christmas. Bereavement, whatever the circumstances, is overwhelming and although daily life goes on, it is a constant filter through which you see and do everything. I have started a whole bunch of posts but when I read them back I realised how they were coloured by this filter so I binned them. I also don't want to upset my Mum, who is the most amazing woman and I want to only do things that help and support her. I know she reads this, and she worries about us and I don't want her to worry, so I wanted to be strong and sensible and alright.

Now I have decided just to have done with it and write this.

I really, really, miss my Dad.

That's all for this post.


PantsWithNames said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. It must be so hard to come to terms with, especially now when the reality of his absence is really starting to harden.

If you want to write a blog post and publish it on a different blog then I'd host for you, or there is blogonomous as well.

Big hugs x

London City Mum said...

Devastated to hear this news, had no idea about it and yet living nearby.
Just thought you were lying low and busy with other things.

Huge hugs my lovely, let me know if there is anything I can do from here, for you or your mum (whom I agree, is an amazing woman).

Love always,

Mummy said...

I realise that I didn't reply to these. Thanks. Things, as is often the way, ease with time. Although I still often see or read or hear something I think my Dad would find amusing and want to tell him, I have almost stopped busting into tears when I do.