Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

The Boy is one of the fittest men of his age I know. He does a lot of exercise, eats healthily, and doesn't drink too much (except on occasion!). However, he is a bit pathetic when it comes to his health.

Of course all men get "man flu" (i.e. a small sniffle that means he takes to his bed), but he always has some ailment or other. After about 5 years together I realised that, generally, these are quite legitimate issues. He has, for example, put his back out a few times. He has torn some muscles, had a motorbike crash. He has asthma and tends to get chest infections. This has led to my theory which we both now recognise as the quota of 3.

The Boy always has 3 ailments. Just when something gets fixed or gets better, something else goes wrong. Many are the times when he has wondered why his wrist hurts, foot aches or some other random problem - and I check how many things were wrong before the latest problem and it would always be 2, with the latest unexplained issue taking him back up to quota. He has pretty much run out of things to catch, but has two permanently torn ligaments in his fingers now, thereby ensuring that 2 of the quota are always filled. When Eve was born there was a bit of a joke as to whether she would have my constitution or his. So far all was looking good (i.e. mine), until this week.

Eve has had reflux since she was about 4 weeks old, but it has gradually been getting better so I was fully expecting when we went to the doctors yesterday that she would be able to come off the drugs she has been taking for it.

Except Eve is taking after her father, although starting small and going for a quota of 1 to begin with. The day before we went to the doctors, as if knowing she would be given the all clear on the reflux, she got conjunctivitus, and now she has a fever too just to make damn sure that if the eye drops work she has something else to be going on with.

Like father, like daughter - in the most unexpected ways.


The Boy said...

"one of the fittest men of his age I know"

Of his age!

That should have been, "one of the fittest men I know", don't you think?

Show me a 20-something bloke who can run 8k in 33mins, do a 5k erg in 17:30, 2k in 6:40, swim 3.5kms in open water, all while working 12 hour days, helping to look after a 5-month old baby, travelling with work, AND who always has three illnesses / ailments to contend with too. Currently a chest infection, bad back and the torn ligaments. Make that FOUR ailments!! Eh? EH?

Of his bl**dy age!

Sabina said...

Men.... so easy to wind up, eh?