Monday, August 18, 2008

Flags of our mothers

The Boy, Eve and I are just back from an amazing 4 days in Beijing at the Olympics. Everything you may have read or seen about how incredible the Olympics are in China is true, and more. It is a different city to the one I used to travel to for work 3 years ago, and the pace of change is quite incredible. I could write a long blog entry on the subject, but the blog is about Mummy-hood so I will refrain.

Eve had a lovely time. Being blue eyed and very smiley works wonders in China and everywhere we went Eve was the centre of attention and lapped it up. In Tiannamen square we got a China flag from a passing policeman who was handing them out to children (I kid you not - nationalism is the order of the day at the moment) and stuck it into Eve's carry rucksack thingy. This seemed to make her the most popular attraction in the square. The Forbidden City, Mao's mausoleum both had nothing on the appeal of a small bouncy, rather overheated blue-eyed child holding a China flag. The Boy had to ask one man to stop following us and taking photos, a few people asked if they could, and I am pretty sure Eve will be in some local newspaper or some such grinning like a loon and holding a China flag.

Not content with showing support for the land of her birth, by the time we had got to the rowing finals Eve had swapped for a GB flag (thanks to the Boy's rather boozy night out). We strolled into the venue, flag in hand, only to find she had grabbed the attention of the super yummy GB rower Ed Coode and even got a smile from the glorious multiple gold medal winning Matthew Pinsent.

While the Boy has always maintained that when he is out with Eve she acts as a chick magnet for pretty young Chinese girls I feel she works the same wonders for her Mummy on some seriously talented olympic rowers.


Grande Poobah said...

I read that completely wrongly.

For a moment I thought you said that the Boy had swapped Eve for a GB flag after a boozy night out.

Even though I know he's patriotic, it would be a bit much...

But much respect to Eve!! Ed Coode huh?? She could do a lot worse than that.. And whilst we're on the subject, have I ever told you the story of my flatmate scoring the stroke of the Sydney gold medal winning 8 (can't remember his name now), dragging him back to my flat and not having the courtesy to introduce me to him???

Poor, poor form :-)

Mummy said...

We also have a mutual friend who pulled a multiple medal winning aussie rower...

I always rather liked Ed and would have had him in the 4- with Regrave etc over silly Foster (who was an arrogant twit when I was at Oxford). Easier on the eye too.