Monday, August 18, 2008

Mother's pride

Of course Eve, at her first Olympics, couldn't sit with the unwashed masses so the family found ourselves with tickets to the family and friends stand - where, as the name suggests, the athletes, their family, friends and rowers from various national associations (like ourselves) sat. It was lovely to be amongst people with a similar passion for rowing.

At one point Eve was doing her usual bouncing when a lovely American lady behind me said "She looks just like my daughter did, great strong legs". We got chatting about babies, breastfeeding (what else?!), and motherhood. She told me how watching Eve was like seeing her own daughter at that age, full of energy and always wanting to be moving. Her pride and love for her daughter was so evident that I found it really touching that not only did she share this with me, but also that she saw the same thing in me and my daughter.

Her daughter went on, the next day, to win a gold medal in the women's eights race.


Grande Poobah said...

No pressure!

Have you got her kitted out in a Vesta all in one yet? Or YC blazer?? :-)

Mummy said...

Vesta? None of that bloody awful Putney lot if you please.

She will be Leander or nothing!

She has already got a YC lycra, the Boy got it made for her in newborn size. She is far too big for it now though, but we have a cute pic of her by the river wearing it when she was about 3 weeks old.

Hmmm, we are rowing geeks aren't we?!