Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer has finally hit HK

Within one day of the temperature changing, I have 10 mossie bites and feel like one big itch. Despite being on the 23rd floor and too far away from the ground for the little blighters to fly into the flat, the little bastards have a way of getting into the lift on or with someone and setting up home in our flat. One has been munching me for the last two nights, despite deet, citronella and mossie coils going all night.

As I was in my kitchen this evening making a cup of tea, the horrid (and, may I say, rather full) looking suspect tried to land on me. Ha, gotcha. I feel great now and hope to sleep in peace - unless there are two of them...

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LottieP said...

It's winter in Sydney now, and one consolation (becasue it's bitterly cold) is that the mossies are gone. However, during the summer months I did find the repellent you plug in a wall socket very very effective.

I love the pecuilar, not to say perverse, joy of killing the one that bit you!