Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Working Mum's dilemma

It is mother's day next Sunday everywhere except the UK. This means that the Boy gets a shot at not forgetting, having been reminded back in March already about the UK one. It also means that Mums get invited to participate in lots of celebrations of Mum-hood.

Except, like most things, I always leave it to the last minute and forget. This year, with Eve at the stupidly-expensive-what-am-I-paying-for pre-school, Mums get invited in to have something made for us and a special Mum's story. It is on the 6th May so I booked the time off months ago, moved meetings, arranged to be in the country.

Then we get an email on 29th April, just before a HK public holiday, when the school is on vacation, saying that it has been moved to one week later. Cue panic and annoyance from me. They post the important dates on their website and I arrange my working life around them so that I can attend concerts and sports days and expected events, it is simply not acceptable to change them with one week notice. I almost wrote a nasty email back as disgruntled of Pokfulam, but it seemed a bit pointless because it wouldn't make any difference. Most of the Mums at the school don't work (I've only found one other that does so far) so presumably most only needed to change their yoga classes or tennis lessons.

Do I sound like a bitch? Probably.


Muddling Along said...

You don't sound like a bitch just someone trying to juggle and faced with a school that doesn't seem to understand the pressures on a working mum - if I don't have notice and plenty of it I just can't make things like that

And yes, I'm the only Mum I've found at the nursery who works. Sigh

LottieP said...

Actually I think you should write to them. Not as a "bitch", but from a completely practical perspective, because I suspect they sometimes, due to overwhelming numbers, forget that there are some mothers who can't just change their schedules at a snap.

A polite reminder showing no irritation, and they might even think twice next time.