Sunday, December 28, 2008

Climb every mountain

On our final day in Tokyo we decided to walk up what had been billed as a friend of A's as a "buggy friendly" hill about 1 hour outside Tokyo. We had borrowed a buggy from some friends (long story involving family ineptitude at the airport regarding our baggage) and so set off up the hill, after a derogatory comment towards the cable car station.

800 vertical metres and a 3.8 km hike later, including inclines so steep I had to use my full weight to push the buggy, some unsealed gravel paths with steep drops to one side, and getting utterly lost around a shrine and adding an extra hour to our walk, we were wondering whether our version of "buggy friendly" was a bit different.

It transpires that we should have got the cable car up and then taken the almost flat path around the top. However, we all felt very virtuous and got the most amazing views of Mount Fuji for our trouble.

And got the cable car back down.

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