Sunday, December 28, 2008

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun

We have just had Eve's first Christmas, and it has been lovely. We spent it with friends, and their two small boys (5 and 7) in Tokyo. I cooked Turkey, we unwrapped lots of presents, the adults got a bit tiddly and played charades (the Boy does a great impression of a bunny - sadly he was trying to mime a train at the time). I missed my family horribly, and it was rather sad to be able to hear Eve's cousins in the background when we called. However, for our little Hong Kong family, we did well.

Eve got tons of presents, of course, and now has more toys than she knows what to do with. True to form, she found the boxes and wrapping paper more interesting than the contents, and she spent the whole week trying to snatch decorations of the Christmas tree. She even ate mushed up Christmas dinner - turkey, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. I declined, on her behalf, the sprouts.

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