Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We were out at dinner last night for New Year with some friends who have just had their second baby. Much of the conversation turned to how hard it is looking after a new baby. The lack of sleep, the hungry baby who wants to feed every 2 hours, the constant crying. My friend, S, was sure that it had never been this bad with her first child - now an adorable three year old girl.

I reminded her that it had been equally tough and she had just forgotten how bad it was. She was adamant that I was wrong, it had been easier with her first.

Now, looking back on it, I don't remember being it too bad either. So much so that I am even contemplating having another child - something I swore I would never do. Thankfully, however, I have this blog to remind me just how awful it was and, therefore, I am going to wait a year or two more before embarking on the whole exercise again.

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Anon Y Mouse said...

I once asked a friend with two kids how it was. He said

"I don't remember what I did with all the free time I had when we only had one child"