Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grin from ear to ear

One of the oddest things about being a Mummy is you forget that you were once an attractive and desirable human being and maybe, just maybe, could be again. Maybe it is the few months of leaking boobs, looking like a whale, or (as is the case today) my classy look being somewhat spoiled by finding bits of green paint on various parts of my body and clothes that I didn't manage to wash off after Eve and I did a rather vigorous session of painting this morning. Anyway, I rarely feel like the sexy, sultry woman I once thought I was. And that's fine. I suppose.

Anyway, I was exchanging emails with one of the rowing boys yesterday, ostensibly because he is looking for a job in banking and had been training with the Boy earlier this week who had suggested he have a chat to me. After general chit chat, he wrote the following.

I have been single for far far to long. My requirements. They have to be half as good looking as you and I would be a very happy man

BIG, BIG grin from Yummy Mummy


London City Mum said...

Al - I am sure there are plenty more males who also think you are still the bees knees (I can think of my other half who would certainly vote in favour on that one), as well as many females (eg moi) who still look at you and think "wow, isn't she just gorgeous?".... which is pretty impressive after sitting BEHIND you for all those years in a boat on the Tideway! xx

Mummy said...

You are a darling, and the feeling is mutual