Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blogs in a Facebook world

I readily admit that one of the reasons I stopped writing this, other than the clear and obvious sense that it's a bit narcissistic to assume anyone else cares about my life or opinions, is the invention of Facebook.  I resisted Facebook for a long time until a friend signed me up when we were having morning tea one day - I can still recall it now, I am so tech illiterate that she had to do it for me.  Facebook has become an easy way to keep updated with news, especially important when my friends span 4 continents now, and generally let rip.

However, in the Twitter, whatsapp and Facebook age, I can't help feeling saddened that friendships and relationships are conducted with such immediacy and brevity, shooting from the hip, that we've lost the subtle art of thinking, pondering and writing.  I am horribly guilty of flying off the handle at someone on whatsapp, attempting a vague dialogue while working / on a call / making a cup of tea. It's caused more misunderstandings and offence than I ever could in person! I tried sending handwritten letters to a friend a while back, I think I managed two before I gave up.

So, I am returning to my blog.  Where I can use a slightly more meaningful length of commentary and return to using it as my sort of diary. Not narcissistic, I don't assume anyone else will read this, but I will (and maybe my Mum) and that's all that matters really.

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London City (mum) said...

Me! I'm still reading (and glad you're back too)!