Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Start spreading the news

Being a lady, as I am, well travelled and in my late 30s, when I tell people that I have never set foot on Mainland U.S they usually shriek in horror or disbelief. Other than Hawaii, I have never been to the U.S.  When I lived in Europe there were always more interesting places to go (Russia, Africa, Egypt, anywhere involving diving with sharks).  Despite my sister living and working in the U.S. for a year, I didn't visit.  Since moving to HK it seemed a long way away and as living in Asia was always temporary (in my mind if not reality) then I travelled around this region.

So it is with some joy and excitement that I find myself in New York, currently sitting in the rather lovely apartment of a friend. 

I landed 4 hours ago.  It was a bit strange to land in the British Airways terminal, so it felt like landing in London. All the staff were wearing BA uniforms and the signs were all he same as Heathrow. It freaked me out a little bit initially and I did half expect to see Mum waiting for me after immigration!

However, thereafter I am flinging myself into NY.  In my brief 4 hours since then I have sampled the mass transit system (more confusing than London - I'm not sure why I needed one ticket to leave the station and another to go on the train), been in a proper yellow cab, driven past Broadway, spotted the Chrysler building AND had the largest oatmeal cookie I've ever eaten.

I have always known that I was a big City girl. I grew up in London proper and feel completely at home in HK. However, as my view of NY is largely formed by episodes of CSI and Person of Interest, I was a bit apprehensive about what I would find and whether I would like it.

No fear there. I LOVE it here already. I love the bustle and noise. I love that it is properly multicultural like London, I love that people talk to you and smile. I love that there are slightly nutty people on the streets.

I can't wait to spend the week exploring what I suspect will very quickly become one of my favourite places.

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