Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hell at 30,000 feet

Imagine the scene. You have had a tough week at work and are due to fly back to the UK after some particularly difficult meetings. You are looking forward to lying back in your big spacious business class seat and shutting out the world.

Or, you have saved up all year for a trip of a lifetime for your honeymoon and are looking forward to some discrete smooching with your loved one on a long flight over some chilled champagne.

Just as you settle down in your big flat-bed seat a slightly frazzled couple get on the flight with a 6 month old baby who is clearly very awake, very happy, and very chatty. She won't sleep very well in her bassinet because it is not dark or quiet enough, so will cry until she exhausts herself to sleep.

Oh yes, people are going to hate us.


Grande Poobah said...

ah good luck with it

you have to hope that the couple sitting next to you on the flight haven't just met, drank a glass too much of champagne and are enjoying a snog....

the flight hell might yet be on the other foot :-)

Hope all goes well with young E's christening. Look forward to hearing all stories and seeing pics when I get back


LottieP said...

I've been there... back in the days when you could actually smoke on flights, I flew from LA to London with a screaming baby next to me and the whole plane full of smoke.

Hope it all goes well. She will probably ssleep like a - like an adult!