Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a difference a year makes

In 2 days time I depart for the UK to spend a week at home with the families. It will be quite different from any other trip because this time all the siblings (the Boy's and mine) have children. I am looking forward to meeting my new nephews (who are both now 9 months old), and seeing my other nephew and niece and how much they have changed in a year. Of course it will be the first time Eve has met any family other than my parents and it will be a great time for all involved.

The trip is, however, a micro example of how much my life has changed in a year.

In previous years it would involve at least 2 days drinking Pimms at Henley in the posh bit (can't do it with children under 12 so that is out for a few years). I would usually go shopping for clothes that actually fit me, and the Boy would do a pub crawl. I would take in the Tate, normally with my Mum and Dad, and revel in the quiet of my favourite pieces - like coming to see old friends. We would at least once spend an evening in a nice restaurant and get slowly drunk.

This time we will be picnics and swimming and pottering around some of London's markets. I expect we will be in bed at 10 every night, exhausted.

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