Thursday, July 17, 2008


One of the things the baby books warn you about is when your baby becomes mobile. This causes all sorts of problems, they start hitting things, munching their ways through wires, sticking their fingers in sockets, and pulling expensive sacred family heirlooms off shelves. Another issue is that they tend to move in their sleep and end up wedged in all sorts of place they can't get out of. Eve manages this with remarkable regularity, and at least once over night I end up having to move her back down the cot from where she is wedged and bashing her head. She has perfected the ability to go backwards, and it is only a matter of time before she figures out forwards locomotion.

One somewhat more unexpected event, however, occurred last night. At about 5am Eve woke up and decided she was hungry. As usual, I ignored her (we are trying to wean her of feeding at night) but after her insistence got to a sufficiently loud and continuous stage I decided to bring her into bed with me. Rather than feed her, I first tried to settle her by cuddling her (again, part of weaning her off night feeds is to try to get her back to sleep without food). I was lying on my side cuddling Eve in front of me, when she put in all her effort and squirmed around to face me. I turned her round, and she did the same thing again. On the third time I finally realised that each time she was also lunging at my boob with her mouth. With her increased mobility Eve seems to now think my chest is some sort of self-service buffet to be accessed at will.

Another nail in the coffin of breastfeeding me thinks.

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LottieP said...

Wonderful! She should stay away from the prawns though, they're always dodgy at these buffets.