Friday, September 19, 2008

Controlled crying #2

It is 3pm. It is Eve's nap time. She has had some milk and should be asleep. She is crying.

She never cries when she goes down for her afternoon nap. I can't help feeling this may have something to do with the whole controlled crying thing last night. And feel horribly guilty for it. Resolve is so easily shaken.


Grande Poobah said...

briefly i'll revert to my former life as a child psych where we used to do a lot of treatment for kids who were much older than eve but still not sleeping well

almost invariably it came down to a battle of wills between the parents and child as to who would break first re sleeping. and M is right - once you've decided that you're going to do it you really have to be consistent otherwise you end up conditioning the child to cry for longer periods of time to get the attention she wants.

you really aren't doing her any harm tho. as long as she is secure and happy (which she clearly is) then she'll soon learn that crying when it's sleep time is a non starter for her. keep the faith x

Magicman said...

We had a monumental battle with our daughter about getting out of bed. She wouldn't cry but would get out of bed and stand just by the door jamb in the corridor, occasionally peeking into the sitting room.

As PoohBear mentions, it's a contest of wills. However all the crying etc that went with it didn't make me feel good at all.
Ask me about it next time you see me.