Monday, February 16, 2009

Animal magic

As Eve gets older I find myself increasingly worried about discipline and boundaries. I know that boundaries are good, but discipline on a child only 13 months old seems a bit early. I read an article online at my favourite baby website a couple of weeks ago saying that, until the age of 2, children generally can't understand cause and effect. They see your anger but cannot associate it with something they may have done. This is certainly true of Eve. When I recently raised my voice (she was about to climb into the toilet) her instinctive response was to burst into tears. Best leave that for a while then. So, my current line is to try to teach Eve to share and be aware of her impact on others. We have progressed a little way in that she now likes to give things to people, and will give them back if asked. However, she hasn't quite got past the shove and grab approach to other children and their toys.

I am finding, however, an unlikely ally in the cat. Eve loves to play with ribbons, so does the cat. Most of the time this is adorably cute to watch as Eve runs around the room draped in ribbons while the cat chases her, followed by Eve deciding to chase the cat and throw ribbons at her, which the cat enjoys a little less.

However, when cat has decided that enough is enough she has taken to simply grabbing the ribbon and running into another room with it, usually perching in the middle of the bed or table where Eve can't reach either of the two desperately desired items of the cat or the ribbons. Not one to really share her things, Eve has taken to stomping (yes, a 13 month old can stomp) to the nearest adult, pointing at the cat and shouting in a disgruntled manner.

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