Sunday, February 15, 2009

Theology for dummies

Eve is slowly dropping her morning nap, and her godfather has moved back to HK, so church on Sundays has become a possibility again. After my previous experiences with the slightly insane professional expat wife brigade, I am a little apprehensive about going as a single Mum. However, upon arrival I realised that it seems to have turned back to a more normal place and a newly engaged couple sat next to us and smiled at Eve while she ate the pew sheet.

I suppose that after complaining about the scary communal singing experience, I shouldn't then complain when the Sunday school today was a video. It was about the good Samaritan, so all well and good, but once Eve and I had been perplexed about why there was a gopher in ancient Palestine (me), and the box of raisins had been finished (Eve), we were left sitting in a dark room watching TV in silence and getting a bit bored.

So we left. We bunked off the rest of church (I assume God won't hold this against Eve when she eventually reaches the pearly gates).

Back at home, I took Eve's religious education in hand and talked to her about the story. She was playing with the cat at the time, but I hope something went in.

Tonight, when I put Eve to bed, I read the creation bit from her little bible. As I was putting her into her cot I told her that God made Mummy and Daddy and the cat. She pointed at her toy giraffe, which I explained was not made by God but was made in China.


LottieP said...

Eve was made in China too!

Mummy said...

True, true. We didn't go on holiday that easter.