Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feline education

The cat seems to be taking her role as surrogate aunty very seriously. After a game of book shop I played with Eve this morning (she puts her bag over her arm - at the elbow with one hand sticking out, just like Mummy - then comes over to the bookcase where I show her various books, she leafs through them and picks one for me to put in another bag for her to take away), Eve moved onto fashion but decided to be seller rather than buyer.

She picked up a pair of doll shoes, walked over to the cat, and tried to put them onto the cat's feet. The cat made it very clear that cats do not wear shoes. Despite Eve's best atempts to pick up her feet and put them into the shoes, the cat was having none of it.

Feline lesson for today - cats do not wear shoes

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LottieP said...

You really need to have a camera ready for moments like this... and then post the pictures