Monday, February 16, 2009

Simple life

Life has not been great in Mummy world for the past month or so. Throw in a bereavement, long haul flights, constant worry about the stability of my job and a couple of, ahem, female issues and it has not been a great start to 2009. However, there is something about the constant amusement and cheeriness that Eve brings into my life that makes even the darkest day seem brighter and happier. I find myself taking enormous pleasure in all of the silly things that she does, like trying to climb onto chairs and beds that are far too high for her and then, frustrated, shouting at them as if they will instantly bend to her will (there is a lot of her mother in that child).

I take the greatest pleasure in just being, well, Mummy.


fraught mummy said...

I guess it is moments like the ones that you are having that really make us appreciate what is actually important in life. I hope things pick up for you Mummy, and in the meantime it sounds like Eve is such a delight you can not help but enjoy her. What a joy. FM x

Mummy said...

The wonder of children is the ability for you to see things through their eyes, the excitment and fun and happiness in discovering what, to our cynical adult eyes, seems mundane.

Sometimes things overshadow what is great about life, and I now have Eve to tell me to, well, get over it!