Thursday, June 18, 2009

Books not to read when you are a mummy #1


I felt it was something I should read and had never got round to. It was on special offer at the bookshop so I grabbed a copy. After all, I am a liberally minded sort, have read how it is a much misunderstood volume, and I really liked American Psycho so am not usually prone to squeamishness.

I got 60 pages in, felt physically sick, and decided to leave reading it until Eve is much older. Like when she is aged 18.


LottieP said...

It's an incredible book! Particularly considering he was writing in one of his second languages (the first being Russian). Clever and much misunderstood, as you say.

Mummy said...

I accept that is is well written, and I rather like Nabakov in any other guise.

A colleague told me that the whole point of it is that is it uncomfortable, but it is just too uncomfortable to read as the mother of a girl.