Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby rugby love

Final post of today...

Like all English worth anything, I have been watching England's unexpected and gradual progress to the rugby world cup final. In HK this means getting up at around 3am to watch the games. This happily coincides with when bump decides to kick me for an hour each night so is no major hardship. Especially not after last night's game against the French which was nail biting and amazing.

However, the rugby world cup has unexpectedly revealed two things to me about my unborn bump.

The first is that every time Jason Robinson gets the ball she kicks me. I am not joking, it is quite uncanny. I am more of a fan of Josh Lewsey myself but perhaps Jason is a bit closer to the bump's size and she feels more affinity with him.

The second thing is that, no matter how excited you are about England beating Australia, and how sure you are there is no chance of them winning the world cup because they can't possibly beat France in the semi, you should not promise your best friend that you will call your unborn daughter Jonny Wilkinson if England win the cup again. The Boy is both deeply impressed by my sporting commitment, and slightly worried.

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LottieP said...

Niamh, I tell you, it's the only way to do this and still retain your own, and your child's, dignity.