Friday, October 26, 2007

A little bit of slap and tickle

Another trip to Dr D today to have the bump checked and scanned for two heads and a tail. She does, in fact, appear to be human so all is OK.

I did, however, have to have an injection today. I have a rare blood type that means I need to be injected with something to ensure that I don't reject future babies (future babies?! I can't see me doing this again). I am petrified of needles, and it was a rather big one so Dr D suggested he inject me in my bottom.

Or rather what he actually said was "Go over to the bed, pull up your skirt and bend over".

This was a bit more funny, but not much, than him reading out the lot number and expiry date of the stuff he had just given me, as he wrote it in my notes, and reading the expiry date as 04/07 (rather than 04/10 which is what it is). Apparently no-one ever notices his little gag and he seemed quite upset that neither did I.

I guess when you've been delivering babies for 40 odd years you find amusement where you can.

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