Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guilt for the day

Just when I was starting to feel a bit better about the glass of white wine I had on Sunday night with dinner, another social ill for which us pregnant women or mothers of newborns are guilty of - obesity. In an article on BBC news today I found the following summary of a new report saying that obesity is not the fault of the individual but society's and, it would seem, mothers in particular.

"From planning our towns to encourage more physical activity to placing more pressure on mothers to breast feed - believed to slow down infant weight gain - the report highlighted a range of policy options without making any concrete recommendations."

I have been reading about the guilty brainwashing of mums to think that not breastfeeding makes them spawn of the devil (but that's for another post), but blaming women who don't breastfeed for the obesity epidemic in the UK - now that is stretching things.

I was bottle fed, so was my ridiculously tall, thin, and stunningly beautiful sister.


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