Thursday, January 3, 2008

Deep breath and calm

As the potential arrival of Bump creeps ever closer I have been having an increasing number of strange and worrying dreams (the one about the nipple nozzle was the strangest so far and will not be further explained), and moments of panic about what is to come.

So, today I spent the afternoon with S, a colleague, who has two children the latter being 8 weeks old. It was great to be able to sit with another new Mum and discuss all of the fears and worries I have and, largely, put them to rest. She confirmed a few things, but told me not to worry (i.e. babies cry, lots, it won't kill them), gave me some practical tips (i.e. make sure the husband tells you how well you are doing when you have the inevitable low points, and if he doesn't then get really pissed off with him because it will make you feel better if you get angry at him), and gave me some items I didn't know existed which make some things much easier (again, things to do with nipples that I don't want to go into). She is desperately bored at home so we are setting up our own mother's coffee mornings and outings for the two of us and it feels wonderful to have someone I know so well to turn to when things get tough.

It doesn't all seem so scary now, and I am back to looking forward to having my very own screaming Bump, bleeding nipples and stitches in unmentionable places. Sort of.


LottieP said...

Oo er. Call it inappropriate identification if you will, but reading this post, inexplicably I am feeling nervous now too...

KlaudjaB said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now. And as I had my own baby in a strange island country far away from my own home I totally understand you.
(I'm originally from Argentina and had my child in England).
Just relax, there's a funny biological mechanism and women totally forgot all the bad things once you have the baby.
It's not that bad really as nowadays they do offer you gas and other stuff that helps a lot.

Mummy said...

I am still not convinced that I have the biological mechanism, but she does make it all worthwhile, if not forget!

I like your blog klaudjab. Us expats, wherever we are, have an interesting insight into the local cultures in which we choose to live, and it is always interesting to read about them.