Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New day

Last night involved feeding every 2 hours, but rather than trying to settle her in her cot, I put Eve in a rocking thing by the bed for ease of sending back to sleep. As a result I have developed the ability to both pat and rock her in my sleep! The Boy thinks she shouldn't sleep in the rocking thing all the time, and he is probably right as it is a bit too soft. However, in my new path of least resistance approach to this phase, it's not going to kill her to be in there for a few nights and it means I get some sleep overnight rather than trying for an hour each time to get her to sleep in the cot.

Then this morning, I forced myself to give Eve to Helen for 3 hours so I could sleep. It was hard to give her to someone else and I admit I cried a bit as I shut the bedroom door and felt horribly guilty. Of course she is fine, and Eve still loves her mummy even though I feel like I deserted her. And I got another 3 hours sleep.

I feel almost human today.

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