Friday, January 11, 2008

New discovery

I have been wandering around like a zombie today because of lack of sleep last night. Eve has been a little madam and slept right through the morning while I have made vague attempts to get some tasks done. This has occurred with very little success as I have developed the habit of walking into a room and immediately forgetting why I was going there. This has happened at least 6 times today.

However, as a result of sleep deprivation last night, and the SAS crack training course has nothing on my daughter in this respect, I have made a new discovery when it comes to sleep.

It is the type of sleep you have when your body has simply had enough, when it knows it needs to cram in 8 hours as fast as it can and make you functional, human even. It is, quite simply, the deepest sleep I have ever had and I feel like I've had a full night even though it was only an hour before Eve woke us up.

I have decided my new discovery is to be called "Mummy sleep"


Grande Poobah said...

oh darling... big hugs.... i've just read your last 3 posts and realised just how much of a roller coaster this must all be (it all seems to be changing very very quickly).

hope you are getting enough Mummy sleep - it sounds highly necessary and just like Mother Nature has found a quick yet effective fix to a very real problem

BTW i walk into rooms all the time and forget what i'm there for. hey ho.


mamatremblay said...

isn't it amazing how much good 1 single hour of sleep can do!!

I remember those times like it was yesterday...........just hang in there - you will fall into some kind of routine(mine,out of sheer laziness was just sleeping with the child so I could nurse,AND sleep at the same time!!!!!!)

big hugs
cas xxx

Mummy said...

As you well know Cas, I was never in the frame for motherhood and am happily muddling through. The cute bits outweigh the sleepless nights and I have friends like you with older kids and realise there is an end to lack of sleep - if not the worry and responsibility!