Thursday, November 27, 2008

The boys are back in town

I have finally stopped breastfeeding. Eve dropped her late night feed a few weeks ago, was getting a bit bored with the morning one and the physical effort required to row around the island, not to mention the dehydration, meant that on Monday this week I just didn't have enough milk. By Tuesday Eve had firmly decided that she is now too old for boobies and rejected them.

I thought it would be the other way around, that I would have to wean her off. I expected protest and tears. Instead I have happy smiles as she moves onto something new and more fun, like walking for example.

I thought I would miss the closeness, but I don't, and I like being able to get the Boy to do bedtime once or twice a week while I pour myself a glass of wine or go for a run.

Of the three of us, however, the Boy is most overjoyed. When I told him that I had stopped feeding his immediate reply was "Great, now I get MY boobies back". It would appear that my body has never really been my own.


Sabina said...

This reminds me of the infamous tale involving you (only mildly inebriated, I am sure you said) agreeing to have your bosoms 'weighed' at University.... Think the boy was involved then as well somehow? I still get the giggles when I recall you telling me this story.

Anonymous said...

So, basically you are saying they are fun for all the family but use by one family memeber precludes their use by another family memeber, even when family memeber 1 is fast asleep in another room?

Mummy said...

Gosh Sabina I had forgotten that. I seem to recall it was some engineers or some such. I suspect vast amounts of booze was involved somewhere.

Anonymous - um, sometimes, in the heat of passion they, um, spurt. So, yes, that is what I am saying!

Anonymous said...

ah yes, Oxytocin is a wonderful thing.