Friday, November 7, 2008

Home alone

Due to a change of job, general cut backs and the odd few billion of write downs at the bank where Yummy Mummy works I have had the first year in my entire professional career where I have not had to travel. Ever since starting on a career of clip boards and living rooms with groups of strangers asking them their opinion on things, I have spent a fair few nights away from home. Before she was even born, Eve had been to some 7 different countries. I fully expected to be doing the same this year. However, in the last year, I have not travelled at all.

This, combined with breastfeeding and having a job which is a bit more flexible than the Boy's so I can leave work to get home in time for bath time, means that I have put Eve to bed every single night since she was born. This is not entirely bad for 10 months.

Until last night.

I will be rowing in one week at the HK national championships. This year I have worked especially hard to get fit again, and am back to pre-pregnancy form and possibly even stronger. One of the boats I will be rowing in is for a bit of a giggle, and includes my doubles partner, her daughter and her daughter's friend. How fitting, then, that the first night when Eve has not had Mummy to put her to bed I was spending a very lovely evening rowing with a fine example of a mother daughter relationship.

Did I miss putting Eve to bed? Not at the time, but tonight I couldn't wait to get out of work and come home for a cuddle, playing with the ducks in the bath, and reading a couple of my favourite poems to Eve before tucking her into bed.

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