Friday, November 7, 2008

The spare in the boot

Of the many things I disliked about being pregnant, the horror of what my body turned into is the one that continues to haunt me. It was not so much that it did things it shouldn't, after all I was carrying another life and I had fully expected to increase in girth etc, but it was more that with each day I could see my previously fit and relatively firm self turning into a whale. I had a deep seated fear about turning into a whale (those who know me will know why and to whom I refer), and it scared the hell out of me that I would never manage to fit normal clothes again and how much work it would take to come even close.

I am, therefore, rather proud that I have snapped back into shape (although my friend S, mother of 3, told me I would). It has been relatively easy - but then I am back to full rowing training so 5 sessions of exercise a week probably wouldn't seem easy to many people - and I am rather pleased with myself. Except for one thing.

I have a fold of skin around my middle that will not shift. It sits there wobbling at me menacingly, mocking me, falling out over the top of low sling jeans. However hard I train, however many yoga sessions I do, however little I eat (although I am porking a bit at the moment), it is still there and laughing at me.

I saw my friend P a couple of weeks ago, who has a son the same age as Eve. She too looks great but also has the same bit around her middle (although hers is considerably smaller than mine). She is seriously considering liposuction. At the time I mocked her, but the more I look (and, more importantly, look at my non-baby friends who lack this little delight) the more I think it might not be such a stupid idea.


LottieP said...

Stuff and nonsense. You don't look like you've even had a baby. Flab/flap/whatever - non-existent in your case.

Anon Y Mouse said...

Yeah. You look great. Although this doesn't mean I don't sympathise with you.

Sabina said...

Al - try TenPilates. Fantastic for toning up bits that all the other training cannot get to and - wait for it - dynamic! So none of this poncy sitting on mats and trying to figure out whether you are actually doing something correctly/of value/effective/etc. Am sure there must be classes in HK.

Grande Poobah said...

i completely agree with LottieP and anon y mouse. what mirror are you using again? And this does make me wonder what you think of the likes of me. despite having no children, i don't have a wash board stomach! (you don't need to answer that, or at least if you feel moved to can you answer me in private rather than the blogosphere?? thanks....)