Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't drink the water, don't breath the air, and for goodness sake don't wheel your child forwards in a buggy

Yet another incredibly stupid study designed to make parents feel guilty, this time one about whether the way a child faces in a buggy can stunt their development here

This, in the same country where a 17 month old's torture and tragic death at the hands of the adults who cared for him was largely ignored by the authorities. I wouldn't recommend reading anything about it, it made me cry, but in case you want to here


Anonymous said...

Look at you, embedding links in your blog left and right. Good job.

Please tell me it was on a Mac....

Mummy said...

It was on an PC... Sorry. To embed using my Mac I would first need to figure out how to cut and paste. I find myself longing for Bill Gates.