Tuesday, November 18, 2008

James, James, Morrison, Morrison

One of the delightful things about Eve getting older is that I can just have much more fun with her, see things through her eyes and hear things through her ears. It is like seeing your own childhood again but this time truly appreciating it.

Growing up I had a bit of a thing about seals. I'm not sure why, I didn't see one until I was about 8, but the first toy I recall having when I was a child was a fluffy seal who I called Sammy. I still have him, and he currently sits on the shelf in Eve's room (although I jealously guard him and don't allow her to play with him). My parents have bought Eve her own fluffy seal, about the same size as Sammy. She loves to play with it. He (for seals are always male, don't you know) is not brought down for her to play with unless she specifically requests for him, and when she does she dotes on him and carries him around with her as if he is her dearest friend.

Another wonderful moment is when, each night, I read to Eve. Sensibly she hated the dreaded Alice in Wonderland, but my parents bought her a copy of "When we were very young", my favourite poetry book when I was little. I remember most of the poems, the purchase itself was prompted by my parents and I trying to remember the words of the poem beginning "The king asked the queen and the queen asked the dairy maid, could I have some butter for the royal slice of bread". However, in returning to the book as an adult, I am also coming across long forgotten verses and memories. Tonight I rediscovered the title of this post. A fantastic little poem about the dangers of letting ones mother go off on her own.

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LottieP said...

I had When We Were Very Young, but strangely enough I had no recollection of this at all.