Sunday, May 3, 2009

Children are bad for your health

I do a lot of sports and am mercifully free of injury. Even the more stupid activities late in my pregnancy (Macau running race, rowing, paddling) left me without even the smallest twinge. At the weekend I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and now I can't move my left arm very much. I didn't do it rowing or paddling. It was during a water fight in the sea with a friend's six year old son, throwing him into the waves after he had splashed me. I had no idea playing with children could be so dangerous!


Sabina said...

Aha - I see you are yet to experience the jumping-jack phenomenon, whereby small child continues to jump as you bend down and smashes top of head into your chin... with resulting delightful crunch and cracked teeth (you) and tears (child). So much fun they never learn and do it all again sometime soon (as do other siblings...)

Mummy said...

There is so much to look forward to!