Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Save the whales

It has been raining pretty much non-stop in HK for the last few days so the Boy and I, after exhausting all indoor activities, finally did what all HKers do on a rainy day and headed to a shopping centre at the weekend. We had convinced ourselves we actually had urgent shopping to do, but in reality it was just to find an indoor space where our overactive toddler could roam free for a bit.

As we were on the way, the Boy suggested we buy a new bath toy for Eve. She is currently making do with some empty mini-shampoo bottled stolen from a hotel, a Homer Simpson bath foam bottle, and a cool diver thingy my sister in-law bought for her.

So we went to a toyshop that seems to exclusively sell Playmobil. While I was trying to stop Eve from stealing a large pirate ship, and marveling at the portaloo (yes, you read that right, Playmobil have a portaloo you can buy), the Boy found a boat to buy. I didn't really look at it properly because by this point Eve was actually dragging the pirate ship out the door.

Only when we took it out of the packaging over lunch did I realise that the boat and fisherman comes with a killer whale, which fits nicely into the boat. Clearly due to child safety or some such there is not actually a harpoon on the front of the boat, but there is no mistaking that we have bought Eve a whaling ship.

Does anyone know where to get a mini Sea Shepherd boat and crew?


Sabina said...

How about a mini rowing boat from HRR? Surely more appropriate?!?

Mummy said...

A lovely idea, but I am not sure that a single scull would be much use in the face of the Japanese whaling fleet!