Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More than words

Eve is rapidly speaking more and more. Having my parents here for a week helped loads, but every day we get something new. As before, we are getting an insight into what Eve thinks is important. So, here is the latest run down:
Ba (for bus. We are at the start of two minibus routes and she sees them a lot)
Bear (bear, she has a fair few teddy bears)
Ma ma (for mummy, usually when she wants something)
Baaa (for the cat, no idea why)
Bo (for her bottle of milk)
Dis (this, while pointing at something)
Da (that, while pointing and something, usually something she wants me to get, leading to the very common phrase of Ma ma da)

We also have had a few more unusual ones recently:
Ma dare (my chair - she has her own little green plastic ikea stool, which she loves)
Mo fair (not fair - when I took something away from her, my daughter has a keen sense of injustices done to her. Perhaps a future human rights lawyer?!)
Fooball (football, she wanted me to buy her one in Stanley market at the weekend and after 10 or 15 attempts to get me to buy it by pointing and shouting Da, she eventually decided to just say football. I still didn't buy it but I was very impressed)
Purple (this might be cheating because I had repeated it to her 20 times before she finally said it)

In the light of this new linguistic ability I have stopped swearing, for the next 14 years.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Bet you a pound that you'll forget about not swearing, do so at an inappropriate moment and then Eve will repeat it for months, preferably in company you would rather that she didn't.

LottieP said...

It's when she starts saying "erg" that you can be really proud... or not