Saturday, November 17, 2007

Countdown begins

Eight weeks to go now and, so my book tells me, if Bump were to come into the world now then with the help of medical science she would most likely be fine. In some ways this is very comforting, but in other ways the immediacy of the whole thing petrifies me. Especially as my colleague, S, had her bouncing baby girl this morning. Her due date has always signified to me the impending arrival of my own.

I have, however, finally admitted that I need to slow down and so yesterday only paddled one race rather than two (although we did win), went home to sleep after the races, and had a night at the theatre with the girls rather than going out to play with the visiting crews. I have decided not to rush from my duties as the outrigger safety officer for the HK Around the Island Race this morning to watch the rowing crew I have been coaching race in the north of Hong Kong this afternoon but rather go home and sleep instead, and only go to the post race party tonight if I am not too tired.

So, finally, I am being good and taking things a little easy. Sort of.

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