Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mini marathon

In 4 weeks time I am off to Macau to watch the Boy run the Macau half marathon. At the same time my friend, F, is doing the full marathon and her husband is going along as a supporter too.

It was a few weeks ago that I found out that there was a 5k race in Macau at the same time. Pre-bump I used to run once or twice a week, always more than 5k. So, when I was talking to F's husband about what us hangers on would do at 7am while our spouses ran, and I had the bright idea that I would run the 5k and he would keep me company.

Now, this was a few weeks ago, before bump revealed her presence externally on my front, and when I was still happily running a couple of times a week. It would be easy, I thought, and so happily set my goal on the 5k race. Which, yes, takes place only six weeks before I am due.

A lot has changed since then, around 10 lbs to be exact, and is getting bigger each week. I've not really done much running since I got stuck up a hill about 5 weeks ago - hills surround our apartment, but I hate running them at the best of times and with the extra weight and wobbly joints it was all a bit hard. So I turned around and ran on the flat for 3 more km and it was fine.

But, since then, I've not run at all. I've cycled, rowed, canoed, even chanted and fallen over, but no running. So, today, I headed to the gym for 5k on the running machine just to make sure I could actually do it.

It started very well, I was at my usual pre-bump pace for about 1k. Then the problems set in. In fact one large, painful problem on the right side under the bump where something had stretched or pinged. I slowed down, bent over and ran with my bum in the air for a bit (the obvious response of stopping wasn't one I was going to consider), and then eventually started walking. After a few minutes it eased a bit, so I started running again, for about 30 seconds before the left side joined the party and I had to slow down again. I then spent the remainder of the "run" trying out various approaches to walking quickly - in the end finding out that slightly bending over and waddling rapidly seems the best. I may look very stupid, but I can keep up a sufficiently fast pace.

Of course I am now on the sofa, feeling a bit stiff and sore. However, with practice, the inelegant pregnant waddle technique should get me through the race just fine.

Of course the most blindingly sensible thing of not doing the race at all has never entered my mind.

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