Friday, November 23, 2007

The sound of music

I was in the scary baby shop last week, picking up the car seat, and as I was waiting for them to find the right orange monstrosity with side impact bars (although if I am ever in a crash bad enough to rely on side impact bars in my baby's car seat then I am in some serious trouble) I saw a bunch of CDs at the counter that apparently you play to the baby in the womb and it increases its intelligence.

What utter crap was my immediate reaction. However, upon checking the books at home it seems that in fact bump can now hear lots and reacts to noise.

Firstly, there is nothing like the knowledge that your unborn can hear everything to put you right off sex...

Secondly, maybe I should give this a try and not be so dismissive. She already listens to my voice all day. I've had a lot of meetings this week so the Bump is by now presumably very well versed in the finer points of mutual funds, structured products and discretionary mandates. However, I suspect this isn't quite what the books have in mind.

Last week, when I was at a frightfully am dram production of the Full Monty musical (don't bother if you were thinking of it, the americanisation of the script has dumbed it down too far) she was very active during the show and seemed to like the music. So, today on the way back from rowing I decided to test the theory. I sing badly, out of tune and out of time, so a solitary car ride seemed a good place to trial the theory. CD in, I sat merrily singing at the top of my voice. Lo and behold, bump started moving and, I like to think, dancing along to the sound of my voice. It was all rather nice, and I think I will do it more often as she seems to like it and it can only help when she finally comes out and needs calming.

It was only, however, once I got home that I realised that I had been singing along to one of my favourite Wonderstuff albums which has, amongst other lines including naughty four letter words, a song entitled "Radio Ass Kiss". Hmm, maybe I should choose something a little more appropriate for next time.

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