Friday, November 2, 2007

The most fertile place in the world

It is with some sadness that I have today waved off S, who works with me, on her maternity leave. It comes at the end of a particularly tough week for us both, reminding me of why I love working with her and have asked her to join me in not one, but two companies since I moved to HK.

However, in our team meeting this week we realised that there is clearly something in the water they give our team (Evian, in case you were wondering). The HK portion of our team only has 6 people. Of these, 3 of us are pregnant at the moment, and one has recently found out his wife is pregnant. This leaves only one single girl and our team leader who are without child.

Two thirds of the team expecting at the same time has to be some sort of record.

It prompted a comment from one team member, however, that if we keep going like this we will need some form of quota system to ensure we have enough staff in the office. I hope he was joking.

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