Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Side winder

We have managed to migrate Eve to sleeping on her side, which means she sleeps a lot better and the wind seems to bother her less. The Boy, pleased by this progress and hoping it will lead to an eventual migration back to her cot so he can turn over and cuddle his wife rather than worry about crushing his child, found online some sort of side-wedge thing so that we can put her in the cot, wedge her on her side and not worry about her rolling onto her front.

It arrived in the mail yesterday.

I must admit, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I rather like the fact that Eve cuddles up next to me to sleep, and have stopped feeling guilty about it after finding so many positive co-sleeping websites that it feels quite normal now. However, to show willing last night we used it in our bed. I am even less of a fan this morning.

Firstly, it means Eve needs three times the space to sleep because of the wedges either side of her. Of course this is eaten up from my side of the bed, meaning that for the first time since I was a child I came close to falling out of bed myself. I was uncomfortable, miserable and lay awake listening to Eve, the Boy and the cat all snoring while I grumbled to myself.

Secondly, it doesn't work. Eve now wriggles so much that she managed to lift the front wedge off its velcro holder so she had enough room to roll onto her back and front anyway.

Finally, she has wind and needs to wriggle and roll to get rid of it. The lack of movement overnight meant that her wind was worse than usual and we were up twice overnight as she woke herself up in pain.

When she woke up at midnight crying, I took her out to help her wind and then fed her (Eve being a bit of a pig takes every waking opportunity to demand food!). I was then all for her sleeping like she normally does with me, however the boy wanted to put her back in the contraption. It didn't work. So we were left with a small firm barrier and a child between us, not quite what the Boy was hoping for!

Of course we will try again tonight but I already look upon the seemingly harmless foam item with venom and fear.

At 4am I gave up and took her out of the thing and lay her next to me.

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