Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tell it like it is?

As I was lying flat on my back today having hot wax poured onto and ripped off parts of me most recently seen by my obstetrician (it's amazing what counts as "me time") I was reading an issue of People which had J-Lo and her husband talking about their one month old twins. It was a schmoozy piece with J-Lo looking perfectly groomed, holding babies that looked equally preened and clearly never cry. The interview was ridiculous with such statements like "When the babies wake at night we fight over who goes to them" and other such rubbish. It really made me annoyed that celebs portray motherhood as this easy ride, a bit of a break from their career, and prattle on about how wonderful it is - with not a mention of baby vomit in sight. I was grumbling to myself (in between sharp intakes of breath as the wax was ripped off me) when I found in the same issue someone had written a letter saying how annoying and unrealistic they found these celeb mother articles and wishing someone would tell it like it is.

How true.

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