Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two days in

Today I only worked a half day, but went in as usual this morning. I am much happier leaving Eve today than yesterday, and no tears. This may be because I knew I would be coming home at lunchtime, and had a great afternoon playing with her. It may also be because I am actually rather enjoying being back at work, at a job I love, in a team full of really nice people. It probably also has something to do with me just getting on with it.

Sadly, the timing of my return to work has been awful. The Boy was away last night and tonight (he is also away all next week - you can imagine what a sense of humour failure I have had about that one), so no support or even anyone just to give me a hug at the end of the stressful first days back. Secondly, Eve's farting seems to have returned with reinforcements and she is waking up at least twice in the night and squirming through the rest of it. Less than 6 hours sleep, in two bursts, is not great preparation for a full day in a busy office.

Still, I am starting to think that I can do this whole work and mother thing.

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