Sunday, June 8, 2008

Come on baby, do the locomotion

Having just managed to return to near normality after the disruption of Eve's cold, and got back to only one feed at night, along comes another challenge to screw it all up.

Eve has been rolling around for a few weeks now. It is the only way she has of moving, and she happily trundles her way across the floor to grab a toy, or chase the light, or the cat (who still moves much faster, but is looking increasingly worried about the latest turn of events). However, it takes a lot of effort on Eve's part to do this so it is usually reserved for when she really needs it.

Except now she is stronger, and rolling is easier, she has started to move at night. A lot.

Every couple of hours when she wakes from her deep sleep into a lighter one, she rolls around her cot. Last night she did a full 180 so her head was at the bottom of her cot, she rolled into the bars, onto her tummy, over her toys. She woke me up at one point shouting because she had one arm and one leg through the bars of her cot, flailing, and was banging her head against them trying to get free. Her favourite seems to be ending up on her front, wedged next to the bars, hanging onto one bar with her hand and wailing at me to help her move - she looks altogether like someone trying to escape the Scrubs.

Sadly she reliably wakes herself up doing this every couple of hours, when Yummy Mummy, bleary eyed, wanders over to the cot, moves her into the middle, and shoves her thumb in her mouth.

I know I should rejoice in her new found skills, but I am not sure whether I preferred it when she wanted food, at least that had a purpose.

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