Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cough, splutter, snort

Having a little baby is hard work, having a little baby with a stinking cold who can't sleep is awful. Apparently children get, on average, 8 colds a year. Oh goody.

And to add insult to injury, I have caught it now too.


Sabina said...

The downside of having children in nursery is that they catch everything going: colds, coughs, chicken pox, hair lice, conjuntivitis, etc etc etc.
The upside of having children in nursery is that by the time they reach the age of 2, there is not much that phases them, even less makes them truly sick!

My kids think having to take some medicine is a 'treat' and line up to get a spoonful... maybe that also speaks volumes for my zero-tolerance of any ailment that does not confine them to bed? Bad mother, bad mother!

Emily V said...

Only 8 colds a year? Seems like a lot more than that. Hate to tell you that colds are miserable but are nothing on the vomiting bugs that your children gleefully pass onto you. We had 5 of those last year. Led to my least glamourous moment of all time: simultaneous chucking with my toddler whilst 8 months pregnant, dog watching on with interest and husband away travelling. It was miserable.

Zero tolerance of ailments that do not confine them to bed is the way forward and is definitely applicable to fathers too...

Mummy said...

Thank heavens for full time nannies - I took to my bed for most of yesterday with a 39 degree fever, except to take Eve to the docs (the Boy was convinced she had a chest infections despite my pretestations that she just has a cold). After a lot of sleep, water, and some top playing with Eve I feel much better today.

Of course now the Boy has it too. I must keep a close watch on Eve's medicines, I suspect he will start to take them.

Emily - thanks for the comments. I have perfected coughing in unison with Eve, but I look forward to combined vomiting.

And our cat is not impressed by any of this at all!

Grande Poobah said...

er.....i'm not a mum.. reading these comments makes me think this might not change